We Want Consultation on Mereham

After the public meeting in Wilburton on 28th Sept 2007, it was obvious that the local public felt that they had not been consulted on Mereham as the developers claim. No one in the audience had been consulted - and a large proportion of the village was represented.

So, if you feel that you would like to be consulted, please contact the developers or their representatives:

For Public Consultation:
Lucis Communications
Martin Hughes on 0208 366 2151 or email martin@lucis-communications.co.uk

Locally we have:
Barton Willmore Planning
Elizabeth House
1 High Street

t. 01223 345555
f. 01223 345550
e. info@bartonwillmore.co.uk

For transport we have:
David Tucker Associates
Forester House,
Doctors Lane,
B95 5AW

Telephone: (01564) 793598
Fax: (01564) 793983

e: David Tucker - dat@dtatransportation.co.uk

Other information can be seen on the developers Mereham website.