These are a few links that may be useful - if you know any more then please contact us.

East Cambs District Council - they have opposed the application, and are producing Mereham news letters to keep you up to date.

Haddenham Online - a group of dedicted people in Haddenham are also running a Say No To Mereham campaign.

The Ely Standard - they are supporting the Say No To Mereham campaign, and have many news stories covering Mereham over the past few years.

Say No To Mereham Petition - an e-petition of the government website - although it doesn't allow shared email addresses, so if you want to register multiple names at one home please use different email addresses if possible.

The inquiry website - contains details of the inquiry, including documents and proofs of evidence to be presented at the inquiry.

The developers website - mostly containing out of date information, lacking information that was promised in 2005, and saying that Mereham is 10km from Cambridge - at least they have updated some of their documents now.