The Inquiry

Having lodged an appeal, for some unknown reason this has been granted. This will waste the time and resources for the locally elected Councils (East Cambs, South Cambs, Cambridgeshire and Cambridge City are all involved), as well as for the Planning Inspectorate. Anyone who reads the proposal and has even the slightest knowledge of the local area will know that it is full of inaccuracies, poorly formed statistics, and hype which has little or nothing to do with the local area. Having spoken with the developers during the 2005 Public Exhibitions, it was evident then that they knew very little of the local communities - and even their latest documents show gaping holes in there supposed "knowledge" of the area. So, how can they be taken seriously? Perhaps we ought to ask the ODP why...

Register NOW for your right to speak, or make a representation (including a written one) at the Inquiry, to be held in Haddenham from the 9th October 2007. Download the "Public Inquiry Programming Form" from the link below, fill it in and send it off to:

Lynette Duncan
Programme Officer - Mereham PI
Persona Associates
West Point
Springfield Road
W. Sussex
RH12 2PD
Tel 01403 217799
M 07855 649904

Click Here To Download the Public Inquiry Programming Form - Word Format

Click Here To Download the Public Inquiry Programming Form - PDF Format

The Downing Street Petition

A petition has been set up on the Downing Street Petition website - it can be found at The wording of the petition is:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to ensure Her Majesty's Government representatives uphold the decision of East Cambridgeshire District Council who, supported by Cambridgeshire County Council and the local Parish Councils and in accordance with current Regional and Local planning policy, have refused planning permission for the proposed development of Mereham, a new settlement of 5,500 houses between the villages of Wilburton and Stretham, Cambridgeshire.

Australian Developer Multiplex Stannifer (the builder of Wembley Stadium) has appealed against the East Cambridgeshire planning decision to reject the Mereham development. A public inquiry commences on 9th October 2007 and we need as many people as possible to oppose the plans which would create a new town the size of Ely on farmland south of the A1123, west of the A10, east of the Twentypence Road and north of the Great Ouse between Stretham and Wilburton.

Such a huge development would irrevocably change the rural nature of the surrounding villages, cause further traffic overload and hazard on the already congested A10, A1123 and A14 and stretch local services to breaking point. The Multiplex Stannifer plans are for predictable high-density Noddy houses that do nothing to reflect the qualities and traditions of the local villages - yet more banal, unimaginative architecture of the type that blights so much of our country.

PLEASE support our petition to protect the precious landscape, infrastructure and community of this part of East Cambridgeshire.

The Original Petition - And Now the Appeal

Councilllor Bill Hunt was present at both public exhibitions with a petition for people to sign against the proposed development - and over 300 people did sign a petition and send it to East Cambs District Council. If you missed the petition, you can see the wording from the links below. Please do not send this to East Cambs now - they have done their bit - but use the wording to help write your own comments to the Planning Inspectorate at:

The Planning Inspectorate,
3/26 Hawk Wing,
Temple Quay House,
2 The Square,
Temple Quay,
mbs CB7 4HL

Please ensure that any representations which you wish to make on the appeal by the developers are received in triplicate by the Planning Inspectorate on or before 21st June 2006 otherwise there is a risk that your representation with not be considered. The Planning Inspectorate will not acknowledge your letter unless you specifically ask them to do so. They will, however, ensure that your letter is passed on to the Inspector dealing with the appeal. You may attend the Local Inquiry and at the Inspector's discretion, give your views.

Download Word 97/2000/XP petition letter

Download PDF petition letter