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The SWCLT are supposed to be a community-led organisation, keeping the community involved and informed at every step. They advertised themselves as offering "openness" and "accountability" - but many residents have seen little evidence of this - reporting that emails go unanswered, questions at the architect-led "public consultations" went unanswered. This is not true CLT.

Here we will present news articles and latest developments, together with general background information to allow the village to be informed - something that the SWCLT should be doing!

  • SWCLT Leaflet - June 2019 - it appears that distribution of this leaflet around the village has been a bit random - so for those who did not receive it you can view it here: Click here to view SWCLT June Leaflet We will be analysing the content, or lack of, over the next few days. It seems to be very misleading - 4 public consultations - we only saw 3 - well attended, but by people opposed to this and trying to get answers, lots of questions asked - but very few answered. Yet more spin from a group intent of building a commercial housing estate for a commercial developer regardless of what the village think - whilst having another dig at the recreation ground (which is our village green by nationally accepted definition!). Remember - there are only 4 SWCLT trustees from Wilburton - they are a minority who are misleading the village, and have demonstrated some of them have absolutely no intention of letting the community have a voice.
  • Local Plan 2018 - this has descended into chaos - with ECDC not publishing the inspector's letters and comments - see 060-063 - and will be voting of whether to withdraw the 2018 plan and possibly reevrt to the 2015 plan. One aspect of the inspectors recommendations for the 2018 local plan is the removal of the community-led development policy and all aspects of it, including the Kennett development. It would be good to know why.

  • Chaos as East Cambs council set to abandon its own draft local plan

  • Cambridge News article on Cambridge's 'affordable housing' is anything but - highlights the issues of affordable housing in the region, and explains the difference between Social Rent and Affordable Rent. In East Cambridgeshire, 100% of affordable housing last year was at affordable not social rent level. CLTs can bring forward housing at social rent levels, but apparently not in East Cambridgeshire.

  • Ely Standard reported Littleport affordable housing battle the AJ Lee Developments have struggled to get planning consent to build affordable housing in the region. "There seems to be a resistance to social/affordable housing across East Cambridgeshire because politicians don't want them. The things that we've faced, you would not believe - meetings, arguments and opposite from many politicians." - and another shows a year-long battle to build affordable homes in Witchford. Why are the council opposing building small sites of affordable and social rent houses yet promoting large scale development to provide relatively few affordable homes?

  • Ely Standard - Costs ruling against East Cambs - the inspector said "I find that the council did act unreasonably on all metters.". This site was proposed as 77 homes, 23 of which were affordable units - the same as SWCLT at Stretham - which flew through planning, despite objections from Highways and drainage board. The council had to pay expenses to the developer.

  • Stretham Parish News - Dec 2018 - the Council received a letter from SWCLT regarding the doctor's surgery - SWCLT does not currently have the cash to fund the next stage and has requested support from Stretham Parish Council - who agreed to support SWCLT by committing funding of up to £32,200 to get the doctor's surgery to the planning stage.