A small village near Ely, Cambridgeshire

SWCLT Proposal

The proposal was finally announced at the meeting in Feb 2019 - during an overly glossy presentation of many slides, typically not by SWCLT Trustees from the village, but by employees of East Cambs Community Housing and the architect. For a scheme that is meant to be community-led and about the affordable housing, the clear bias towards it being a major development was noticeable.

As expected from previous display boards, the development was confirmed at around 120 houses. The layout being such that the houses spread some considerable distance away from the A1123, so not being typical of Fen Villages which grow along the roads within the village. A village green is prominent towards the top of the site, almost opposite where the existing, much larger, recreation ground is. The site is dominated by large houses with large gardens, likely to be occupied by out-commuters heading to Cambridge or even London.

Wilburton Overdevelopment

The houses included "courtyard enclosures" - presumably offering the remote parking option as in Manor Farm - not ideal for the Governments plan to move people away from the internal combustion engine and towards electric cars. Any new development should be geared towards providing suitable parking and charging of electric cars, there appear to be little evidence of this "future proof" planning.

Wilburton Overdevelopment

The lower section of the proposal is set asside as mixed use - including a "village amenity structure" of an underfined nature. The current recreation ground and plans for a new pavillion has the full support of the RIG group and key users for being kept on the existing recreation ground, so it not know why an amenity structure with parking has been included.

There is also a "landscaped mound viewing point", presumably created from the spoils of building - such as digging the SuDS ponds (sustainable drainage systems - fills up when it rains, but empties out, so generally not an environment to sustain pond life). Other entries include a wild play space at a maximum distance from the majority of the village, a community orchard, a wildflower meadow, and a teaching space.

No mention of who will be financially responsible for these facilities was made - and given that the Parish Council via RIG have committed to the existing recreation ground, new pavillion and multi-use sports ground - it is unlikely that they will be able to maintain additional facilities.

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