Traffic Video Clips - 02nd Oct 2007

A week before the inquiry is due to start, we decided to go out and capture the traffic in Wilburton and Haddenham between 8:00am and 8:45am. The video clips and locations are shown below. We even had one comment from one car driver along the lines of "just think what it'll be like with more houses".

Apologies for any unusual noises - we were pushing a pushchair with a toddler in it, and traffic isn't one of her favourite views!

Unfortunately one thing that we didn't manage to capture on video was a lorry mounting the pavement to get around the traffic queue - not a small delivery van, but a great big articulated lorry - outside the Kings Head, near to the bus stop. Pity we missed it, but I have no doubt we can capture one another day.

All video clips are in WMV (Windows) format - sorry to people who prefer other format, given time they will be converted. All file sizes and times are approximate.

First Clip - walking along the High Street from the junction with Twenty Pence Road to past the Kings Arms (with a brief break to pass people at the bus stop).
Wilburton High Street - 8:00am - file size 4.8MB

Second Clip - West End, just up from St. Peter's Church - around 8:10am.
Wilburton West End - 8:10am - file size 600KB

Third Clip - At the edge of Wilburton going towards Haddenham - around 8:15am
Wilburton (edge of) - 8:15am - file size 300KB

Fourth Clip - Between Wilburton and Haddenham - around 8:15am
Between Wilburton and Haddenham - 8:15am - file size 1.2MB

Fifth Clip - End of the slow moving traffic in Haddenham, opposite the recreation ground - around 8:25am
End of the slow moving traffic - 8:25am - file size 1.1MB

Sixth Clip - Back on Wilburton High Street at around 8:45am
Wilburton High Street - 8:45am - file size 2MB