Traffic Video Clips - 04th Oct 2007

These video clips were taken in the early evening of 04th Oct 2007 - between 17:15 and 17:45 along Twenty Pence Road. The A1123 was free flowing, so these queues are just from the amount of traffic coming along Twenty Pence Road.

The slow moving traffic stretches from the junction with the A1123, past the garden centre, and down the hill past the 40mph sign. This is fairly typical of traffic build up on "normal" days along Twenty Pence Road.

As many people locally know, if there is a problem elsewhere - such as on the A14, or when the Cottenham to Willingham road is closed, then queues can easily stretch down to and beyond the bridge over the River Great Ouse. That is with current traffic levels.

We were actually asked during the filming if we were filming all the lorries going through the High Street - perhaps a need for a by-pass such as the old plans for West Fen Road? But wouldn't the location of Mereham prevent a by-pass being built which could include the A10 and Twenty Pence Road traffic? Hardly a good plan for future economic growth in the area.

First Clip - By Warren Close, top end of Twenty Pence Road
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Second Clip - Near to the entrance for the garden centre
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Third Clip - Past the garden centre - and a cyclist!
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Fourth Clip - End of queue is in sight (nearly out of footpath)
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Fifth Clip - Say No To Mereham Sign
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Sixth Clip - By garden centre
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Seventh Clip - How slow it moves
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Eighth Clip - Garden centre sign (to show location, not advert!)
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Ninth Clip - Queue front to out of view - no electronic count can show this
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Tenth Clip - Junction with A1123, just another day...
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