Telephone Polling

The developers claim to have consulted with 75 residents of both Wilburton and Stretham via telephone - classified as "Community opinion polling", they state that:

Community opinion polling - this was carried out by an accredited Market Research Society company in August 2005 and involved telephone interviews of a representative sample of households in Wilburton and Stretham. The principal purpose of this research was to identify local aspirations for community facilities in the locality, and these have further informed the masterplanning process, ensuring that local aspirations were taken into account. The results of the survey work will be made available on the new Mereham website (see below);
As the results do not appear to be on the developers website yet, we are hoping to have the questions that were asked available here soon - together with the results of the telephone polling. In the mean time, if you were involved in the telephone polling and have any views you would like to share about this, then please contact us here.