Mereham Public Consultation

This survey was available at the public exhibition - all questions are by the developer or their associated companies working on the proposal.

The original survey requested your name, address and telephone number - but we do not require these personal details, all we request is that you fill in the place name of where you live.

Please try to refrain from using 'colourful' language (swear words, or being too personal about the developers), as we hope to be able to publish your reponses on this site! We will review all responses before publishing them. And please do not abuse this survey by filling in multiple copies, as this will not help us to gather a true representation of everyones views. If you have further comments to add, then use the contact us page.

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Village or town:

Q1: What are your general impressions of the illustrative layout for the development?

Q2: What do you think about the proposed improvements to the A10?

Q3: What particular facilities would you like to see in the proposed new community?

Q4: What do you think about the proposed public open space provision and wetlands reserver? Is there anything you would like to see provided there?

Q5: Do you have any other comments?